Marketing Support for Appraiser-Agents


Marketing GuideMarketing Guide

Marketing can be the most difficult aspect of having a business. The Guide smoothes your way with detailed information, suggestions and advice on all aspects of growing your business as both an appraiser and a jewelry insurance agent.


Marketing GuideClient Brochure

This brochure explains to consumers why JIBNA’s standalone policy is their best choice for jewelry insurance. Having these brochures on the desk within reach makes it easy to open a conversation about jewelry insurance.


Marketing GuidePost Cards

Surveys say it typically takes multiple touches to land an account and to encourage return business.  These post cards are designed to bring customers to you, for both appraisals and jewelry insurance.


Marketing GuideMailers & Handouts

Any jewelry owner will want to review information on such topics as caring for jewelry or advice on insuring jewelry. These pieces can be available in your office or mailed to existing clients as reminders of your business, or you can use them as handouts at events to attract new clients.


Marketing GuideCustom Business Card

A custom business card promotes your agency and your expertise as both a jewelry appraiser and a JIBNA agent


Marketing GuidePhotographing Jewelry

A picture of the jewelry is a necessary part of the policy submission and is invaluable in settling a claim. This one-page sheet shows how easy it is to get a good jewelry photo using your smartphone.


Marketing GuideAd for Publications

A business-card-sized ad in your local or neighborhood paper is a budget-friendly way to reach a large number of people in your community. Simply add your name/logo to artwork from JIBNA.


Marketing GuideTopics for Presentations, Newsletters, etc.

Make your business and your expertise known by giving presentations, offering classes, writing a column, sending out an email newsletter.  Here is information on a variety of jewelry topics, along with suggestions on how to present information to consumers. JIBNA is developing a number of topics that would interest jewelry owners.

Marketing GuideTrade Show Support

Having an attractive booth at a trade show needn’t be expensive. Here are tips for putting together a booth that will make you stand out.


Jewelry Insurance Page for Your Website

Add a page to your website telling potential clients about your expertise as a jewelry insurance agent and the benefits of a JIBNA standalone policy.


Website Templates

A website is a basic business tool.  If you don’t already have a site, choose one of these templates for  a site that covers your business as both appraiser and jewelry insurance agent.


PowerPoint Templates

Good visuals are essential if you’re giving a presentation. Here are some templates to help you through the initial mechanics of PowerPoint, so you can concentrate on the content of your talk. Laying it all out in PowerPoint actually helps you organize your presentation.


Sample PowerPoint Presentation

If you’re new to PowerPoint, this will easily get you started. Pictures and text slides are formatted and arranged for a complete presentation. Just insert your own name/logo and use it as-is, or you can easily add or substitute your own images and text content. Consumer handout for audience members is also included.












Marketing Support

  • Marketing Guide
  • Client Brochure
  • Post Cards
  • Mailers & Handouts
  • Custom Business Card
  • Photographing Jewelry
  • Ad for Publications
  • Topics for Presentations, Newsletters, etc.
  • Trade Show Support
  • Jewelry Insurance Page for Your Website
  • Website Templates
  • PowerPoint Templates
  • Sample PowerPoint Presentation