Jewelry Appraisals

A jewelry appraisal is a written document that attests to the jewelry's characteristics, qualities, and value. A jewelry appraisal is your assurance that the jewelry you purchased is as the jeweler represented it. It is an essential document that enables insurers to properly underwrite and determine the appropriate premium. In the event you need to file a claim, the detailed description and photograph included in the appraisal ensure that your jewelry’s replacement matches the piece originally purchased.

When getting an appraisal, make sure it includes the following (preferably on an insurance industry standard form):

  • a complete and accurate description including style and all characteristics, weights, grades, and measurements
  • a statement regarding any treatments that are not usual to the particular gemstone(s) in question
  • a statement of whether the stone is natural or a synthetic
  • name of manufacturer, workmanship, metal, mounting, and karatage
  • the stated value of the piece of jewelry
  • a photograph of the item being appraised

JIBNA subscribes to the practice of using insurance industry standards and forms for collecting the necessary information. These standards and forms (formerly ACORD forms)  are available at no charge from the Jewelry Insurance Standards Organization (JISO).

Significant premium credits apply when JISO appraisal forms are used. Your JIBNA agent is aware of JISO and can attest to their value.

Certified Insurance Appraisals

While not required, we recommend that you get a jewelry appraisal from Certified Insurance Appraiser™ (CIA™).

A CIA™ is a professionally trained gemologist (GG, CG, FGA or equivalent degree) with at least three years experience AND is also a graduate of the insurance industry's Certified Insurance Appraiser training program. This program educates appraisers about the special issues related to appraisals for insurance purposes. It also trains appraisers in the use of JISO jewelry insurance forms and standards.

While we will use any appraisal you provide, we prefer the JISO 78/79 (which can be prepared only by a CIA™) or JISO 805/806 (which can be completed by any jeweler, preferably a professionally trained gemologist who holds a GG, CG. FGA or equivalent degree).  Discounts apply when you provide any of these JISO appraisals.

We realize that consumers will want the best appraisal possible, but not everyone has access to a Certified Insurance Appraiser™. In this case, jewelers may download the JISO 805 Sales Receipt for Insurance Purposes and the JISO 806 Jewelry Document for Insurance Purposes. These forms can be filled out by any jeweler. Should a jeweler be unable or hesitate to provide such information, we'd recommend caution.

At JIBNA, we will accept any reasonable appraisal and photograph. And, we will let you know if there is anything lacking in the appraisal. This is a value-added service no others provide. In the event of loss, there will be no surprises. At JIBNA, you pay for the insurance you need — no more, no less.