Getting Your Insurance License

An insurance license differentiates you from other appraisers and adds distinction to your CV. It allows you to offer an additional—and very important—service to your clients. It sets you apart from other appraisers and brings you ever-increasing financial returns.

Requirements for obtaining an insurance license vary from state to state. Recent law changes have made the process much easier than before. As a JIBNA agent you will be writing only jewelry policies, so you’ll need to get a license in personal lines or property insurance.

Preparing for the exam requires about 20-40 hours of study, either as class time (recommended) or by correspondence. JIBNA will even cover your licensing costs, paying one third of the cost after you submit 10 policies, another third after 20 policies, and the final third after 30 policies. You have nothing to lose, and a great deal to gain!

Please contact JIBNA with inquiries about becoming JIBNA agent, and we can guide you through the process. Call 877-542-6254.