Increase your income—
insure what you appraise!

When consumers buy jewelry they need two things: a jewelry appraisal and jewelry insurance. As a gemologist-appraiser who is also a JIBNA insurance agent, you can fill both those needs. You can write the appraisal, counsel your clients about their jewelry, and then offer them the best jewelry insurance. You will act as their agent, submitting insurance applications and reaping the rewards.


As an appraiser-agent you will

  • Acquire a steadily increasing revenue stream

    Agents receive a commission when the policy is written and each year at renewal time. Your commission continues as long as the policy continues. Over the years, the income mounts up.
  • Add a new dimension of services for your clients

    Customers are already coming to you for appraisals. By adding an insurance license to your credentials and CV, you can also offer customers jewelry insurance coverage.
  • Strengthen relationships with your clients

    Clients who can get both an appraisal and insurance coverage through the same person are much more likely to return with their future jewelry purchases. This means future appraisal fees, as well as ongoing insurance commissions.
  • Increase your customer base

    As an agent for JIBNA, you can establish relationships with local agents. Those who do not offer standalone jewelry policies would be happy to recommend you to their customers. Agents who need appraisals may prefer that you write the jewelry policy as well as the appraisal, since “you’re the expert.”


Working with JIBNA

JIBNA deals only with jewelry insurance. We value the appraiser’s expertise, because we rely on good appraisals when determining premiums and settling claims. We offer policyholders very competitive rates and the best jewelry coverage available. Our agents receive attractive commissions, value-added services, and extensive marketing support.

There is no conflict of interest in being both an appraiser and a JIBNA agent, since agents do not determine premiums, make underwriting decisions, or control settlements. They submit policy applications.

As an appraiser-agent, you will charge your usual fee for an appraisal (whether or not the customer buys insurance). As an insurance agent, you are compensated by commission (and by law may not charge an additional insurance fee). You receive the commission when the policy is written and again each year when the policy renews.
Commission amounts are set by the state (not by the appraiser-agent) and are paid by the insurance company (not by the customer).

JIBNA uses proprietary software to calculate ITV (insurance-to-value), which is based on descriptive information on the appraisal. The ITV influences the customer’s premium and also is the basis for claim settlement, so there is no temptation to exaggerate valuations. An inflated valuation benefits neither the appraiser nor the consumer.

JIBNA offers extensive support to help agents work efficiently, improve customer relationships, and grow their business. Agents receive free consumer brochures, a marketing guide written specifically for JIBNA agents, artwork for business cards, and a monthly newsletter with information and marketing tips. Please explore here  for more details.